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Logaritma Fonksiyonunun Tanım Kümesi | a R - {1} olmak üzere

f-1 : R → R, f-1(x) = logax şeklinde gösterilir. a ∈ R - {1} olmak üzere, f : R → R , f(x) = ax biçiminde tanımlanan üstel fonksiyonun ters fonksiyonuna logaritma fonksiyonu denir.

Role of IGF1R MSCs in modulating neuroplasticity via...

In rat stroke model, animals receiving IGF1R hDSCs transplantation, interaction between IGF1R and CXCR4 was demonstrated to promote neuroplasticity, therefore improving neurological function through increasing glucose metabolic activity, enhancing angiogenesis and anti-inflammatiory effects.

Does reduced IGF-1R signaling in Igf1r /- mice alter aging?

Does reduced IGF-1R signaling in Igf1r /- mice alter aging? PLoS One.

Formula 1 (@F1) | Твиттер

Последние твиты от Formula 1 (@F1). Take charge of your #F1Fantasy squad and win awesome prizes https://t.co/6jn87D2ryK. Great Britain...

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