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About the Aegis Secure Key 3z First-Time Use PINs must be a minimum of seven digits and a maximum of 16 digits. Cannot contain all sequential the key will go through a self-test (indicated by a numbers (e.g., 01234567, 9876543) and cannot contain all of the same number (e.g., 1111111, 2222222.) Note: Sequentially, 0 occurs before 1, not after 9.

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The Aegis Secure Key 3Z was designed to work with the Aegis Configurator. This app allows the Administrator to configure 10 or more drives at once and automatically format / program features such as Admin and User PINs, PIN lengths, user forced enrollment, read-only mode, brute force protection settings, drive formats, and securely load files ...

Gigabit Ethernet - Wikipedia

802.3z-1998 CL39 standardized 1000BASE-CX is an initial standard for Gigabit Ethernet connections with maximum distances of 25 meters using balanced shielded twisted pair and either DE-9 or 8P8C connector (with a pinout different from 1000BASE-T). The short segment length is due to a very high signal transmission rate.


e-mail: sales@3z.net tel: 859.331.9004 fax: 859.578.3522. 100 E. Rivercenter Blvd Suite 300 Covington, KY 41011

PDF Factory Built Double Wall Grease Duct Specification

Model DW-3Z is classified under UL2221 (Test of Fire Resistive Duct Enclosure Assemblies) as an alternate to 2-Hr. fire resistive shaft enclosures with a minimum zero clearance to combustibles (sizes 8" to 36" diameter). Model 3Z is listed in accordance with the requirements for duct enclosure Condition A and B.

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