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72 Ah 12V BOSCH S4 R

Полярность: R . Пусковой ток (EN), A

SensorRAE 4R - RAE Spain

SensorRAE 4R . Compact, waterproof storage and conditioning station for up to six sensors. When you respond to an emergency, you need all of your options immediately available. The SensorRAE 4R keeps up to six sensors warmed up, stored on a bias if necessary, and ready for deployment.

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The SensorRAE 4R is a storage case for non-EC (electrochemical) sensors and a warm-up station for EC sensors that keeps them in a ready-for-use state. The water-resistant (IP-67) case accommodates six sensors and when used to warm up sensors, its four AAA batteries typically last for six months.

SensorRAE 4R

SensorRAE 4R SensorRAE 4R The SensorRAE 4R is a six-socket electrochemical (EC) sensor conditioning station that not only exmpands the assortment of 4R sensors available to the users of RAE Systems gas detection instruments in the field.

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