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Launch X431 V with Bluetooth/Wifi based on Android system, is a new car malfunction diagnostic device developed by Launch Tech for internet · 【2020 NEWEST VERSION DIAGNOSTIC TOOL ADVANCED OE-LEVEL FUNCTIONS】LAUNCH X431 V 4.0 scan tool adds loads of OE-Level...

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4 V . SG Microelectronics Co, Ltd Tel: 86/10/51798160/80. V can range from 4.25V to 6.5V and should be bypassed with at least a 1μF capacitor. When V drops to within 54mV of the BAT pin voltage, the SGM4054 enters shutdown mode, dropping IBAT to less than 3μA.

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90% V (4.5В при V =5В). 0x7FF. 0x3FFF.

PDF CMOS Monolithic Voltage Converter

CMOS Monolithic Voltage Converter. Absolute maximum ratings. Supply Voltage (V to GND, or GND to OUT) . 6V LV Input Voltage Note 1: OUT may be shorted to GND for 1sec without damage, but shorting OUT to V may damage the device and should be avoided.

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E=V e=gnd. Positive peak voltage. Note: The above are stress ratings only. 2 Base PNP transistor base connection. 3 CHF High frequency oscillator capacitor/clock input. 4 V DC power supply input. 5E.

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