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6-meter band - Wikipedia

The 6-meter band is the lowest portion of the very high frequency (VHF) radio spectrum allocated to amateur radio use. The term refers to the average signal wavelength of 6 meters. Although located in the lower portion of the VHF band, it nonetheless occasionally displays propagation mechanisms characteristic of the high frequency (HF) bands. This normally occurs close to sunspot maximum, when ...

6M's in Six Sigma (Six Ms or 5Ms and one P or 5M1P) - Six Sigma Study Guide

In Six Sigma we describe process variation in terms of 6M's (aka 5 M's and 1 P). These are six elements contribute to variation in a process. Those six elements - 5 Ms and on P (or 6Ms) influence variation in all processes - manufacturing or not. 6M's of Six Sigma. Ishikawa states the 6 Ms (also known as the 5 Ms and 1 P) as: Man ...

6M Meanings | What Does 6M Stand For?

What does 6M abbreviation stand for? List of 10 best 6M meaning forms based on popularity. Most common 6M abbreviation full forms updated in September 2021

6M - Wikipedia

6M or 6-M can refer to: 6m, or 6 metres. 6-meter band. NJ 6M, now New Jersey Route 159. Elliott 6m, an Olympic-class keelboat. 6 Metre, a class of racing yachts. Period-after-opening symbol. Lim-6M, a model of PZL-Mielec Lim-6. PMD-6M, a model of PMD series mines.

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