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7b 2a-7b^²/b при а=33;b=12 - Алгебра | Ответы

Ответы. Алгебра. 7b 2a-7b^²/b при а=3√3;b=√12.

List of first ascents (sport climbing) - Wikipedia

He proposed a rating of 5.15c (9b )[35] but the route was later repeated by Adam Ondra, who graded it as a "low end" 5.15b (9b).[36]. Jumbo Love - Clark Mountain (Mojave National Preserve, USA) - September 11, 2008 - First ascent by Chris Sharma.

Deliverance 7B - YouTube

I managed an ascent of this Stanage Classic a few months back... Thanks Beyond Hope for the continued support!

7b (2a-7b^2)/b упростите выражение и найдите его значение при...



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