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[M ] - занесение числа в память с плюсом.

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This 7M Active Immune Support is truly a gift from the Earth allowing you to tap directly into ancient anti-aging, immunity maintaining secrets from time After all, the ingredients in 7M can all be found individually. But that can get expensive. What's more, is instead of taking our simple formula twice a...

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We take 7M to boost our Immunity. During this pandemic we use PPE, wash and take supplements especially 7M . We cared for a 95yo family member at home who was Covid positive. My husband and I have been taking 7M for several years and found that we had fewer colds etc.

Решить относительно x m(2-x)=7-y | Mathway

m(2-x)m=7m -ym. Делим 2−x.

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