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HQ9F - Esolang

HQ9F is an extended language of HQ9 , featuring FizzBuzz, designed by ぬこ, published in 2007. According to the designer, he designed for being discouraged to hear the news that the young programmers cannot even program FizzBuzz.

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Keywords: f solo, f solo, light ff, exib, mf, anal [so far]. /~storyguy/dancer5.html Author: Story Guy Title: The Dancer - 5 (f solo, f solo, light ff, exib [so far]) Part: Chapter 5 Summary: A young ballerina learns there is more than just dancing.

சமையல் தமிழர் திருநாள் பலகார வகைகள

? f . F p. F D .

GitHub - GH-TpaeFawzen/hq9fplus-shell: A shell for HQ9F , the HQ9 ...

This is a repository for a shell for an esoteric programming language HQ9F , an extension language of HQ9 . Though there may be many ones what is called "HQ9F ", I adapted what "ぬこ" designed.

Grumman F9F Panther - Wikipedia

The Grumman F9F Panther is one of the United States Navy's first successful carrier-based jet fighters, as well as Grumman's first jet fighter.

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