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AudioEngine A5 Wireless Speakers Review - AudioReputation

AudioEngine A5 wireless 2.0 speaker system is the upgraded version of the A5 Classic. The most noticeable difference between the two is the wireless connectivity. A5 Classic didn't have this ability, but there was a way to make it wireless by connecting it to the AudioEngine B1 Bluetooth receiver.

Audioengine A5 review: Audioengine A5 - CNET

The Good The Audioengine 5 powered speakers deliver phenomenal sound and offer simple, attractive styling. They feature two audio inputs and an integrated USB port for charging source devices (phones, iPods). The two speakers can be placed as far apart as needed to optimize stereo separation.

Questions about JBL LSR305 Studio Monitors vs Audioengine A5

As for the A5 , they also get stellar reviews, and I love having the volume knob on the front, makes it very convenient. They are also connected to the computer easily with Lastly, the A5 are 75 watt per channel, compared to the 41 watt of the JBL. Has anyone done a sound comparison between the two?

Audioengine A5 Speakers Review: Thunderous Sound, High Price

The Audioengine A5 are real speakers. What we mean by that is they're designed to be used with all kinds of equipment, as they're targeted at The Audioengine A5 will set you back $399 (MSRP), but it's worth every cent. The price may be high for a pair of speakers, but it's hard to find any rivals that...

Audioengine A5 Review | HiFiReport.com

A5 Connections. The ports and control buttons on the back of the main box seem to be more than ordinary 2.0 speakers, and the large heat sink makes the main speaker look very stable. The large heat sink on the main box is mainly used for heat dissipation...

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