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PDF Scientist/Researcher Salary Structure

BS 0 Bachelors Degree Awarded Accepted/Enrolled in a Graduate Program $56,181 $27.01 BS 1 Completion of first academic year and a minimum of 12hours of Graduate coursework $59,426 $28.57 BS 2 Completion of second academic year and a minimum of24 hours of Graduate coursework (salary cap for students pursuing a Masters Degree) $64,022 $30.78

Adult Basic Skills - Piedmont Community College

Basic Skills Plus (BS ) Allows students enrolled in high school equivalency instruction to also enroll at the same time into career pathway courses (college courses, employability skills training, specific occupational training). College courses are free to BS students while also attending ABS classes.

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BS vs BSN: Do You Know the Difference? - Maryville Online

BS degrees cover the full range of technical and scientific fields, while BSN degrees are designed for nurses or future nurses. While both degrees provide students with a foundational understanding of biology, mathematics, and statistics, the core coursework for a BS degree will vary depending on the chosen area of specialization.

High Performance Computing Intern Career Resources

BS 0: Bachelors Degree Awarded Accepted/Enrolled in a Graduate Program: $32.41: $67,417: BS 1: Completion of one academic year and/or a minimum of 12 hours of Graduate coursework: $34.28: $71,311: BS 2: Completion of two academic years and/or a minimum of 24 hours of Graduate coursework (salary cap for students pursuing a Master's Degree) $36 ...

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