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Increased indoor humidity. The dynamic diffusion resistance of DB has been chosen to ensure that there is a reliable vapour-retarding effect even in the case of high indoor humidity for limited periods, which can occur in new buildings as a resultof construction work or during short-term increases in relative humidity in bathrooms or kitchens, for example.

Wampler dB V2 Buffer / Clean Boost Pedal | Sweetwater

The dual-purpose Wampler Pedals dB buffer/boost pedal is a smart addition to any electric guitar rig. Avoid the tone suck of a large pedalboard or long cable runs by using the dB as a buffer. Just set the gain at a unity level to your amp, and you'll buffer your entire signal chain without losing fidelity and clarity.

Kenwood DB New vs Old comparison 12'' - YouTube

Kenwood DB New vs Old comparison 12'' , old school purple cone kenwood DB vs the newer Tornado cone kenwood DB , 250rms 1000watt max, 350rms 1200watt max,b...

PDF TargeL t everage Funds & DB

DB is an optional service layer, designed to further increase the efficiency of your LDI implementation and management. From initial implementation, through managing the portfolio all the way to handling the scheme's cashflows, the DB service dramatically reduces administrative burden.

DB - Paperbased, recycled content - Hydrosafe smart vapor ...

DB ® is a reinforced paper-based smart vapor retarder and air sealing membrane. Ideal environmentally friendly air barrier option for the environmentally conscious contractor. Dimensions. 53" x 164' (1.35 x 50 m) Roll Area: 724 sf (67.5 m 2) Advantages

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