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Using DU notation, a duplex of length x base pairs is represented by Dx and an unpaired region of length x nucleotides is represented by Ux (Zadeh, PhD Thesis, California Institute of Technology, 2011). Each duplex is followed immediately by the substructure (specified in DU notation) that is 'enclosed' by the duplex.

Additive synthesis - Wikipedia

Additive synthesis is a sound synthesis technique that creates timbre by adding sine waves together.. The timbre of musical instruments can be considered in the light of Fourier theory to consist of multiple harmonic or inharmonic partials or overtones.Each partial is a sine wave of different frequency and amplitude that swells and decays over time due to modulation from an ADSR envelope or ...

Utilities Jobs - NUPACK 4.0 User Guide

Utilities Jobs¶. Utilities commands analyze or design a single complex ensemble. For each command, the strand ordering of the complex is specified using keyword strands and the physical model is specified using keyword model.For commands that require a structure (e.g., calculation of the equilibrium structure probability using prob), the structure is specified using the keyword structure.

Hodge star operator - Wikipedia

In mathematics, the Hodge star operator or Hodge star is a linear map defined on the exterior algebra of a finite-dimensional oriented vector space endowed with a nondegenerate symmetric bilinear form.Applying the operator to an element of the algebra produces the Hodge dual of the element. This map was introduced by W. V. D. Hodge.. For example, in an oriented 3-dimensional Euclidean space ...

What is blood type ORh negative Du? - Quora

Answer (1 of 3): There are many blood groups and what it means is that there are specific molecules on the surface of your blood system, that your immune system might recognize. O, means the blood type 0 of the AB0 blood group. It means that he immune system will recognize and react to A type an...

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