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Zn 2H = Zn2 H2. MnO4- 5«H» 3H = Mn2 4H2O.

Artificial nodes in the H2 wave functions expanded using...

In a test calculation of H2 we find that the expansion coefficients diverge quite rapidly when nonorthogonal basis functions are used. This behavior can cause serious numerical instabilities when the wave function is used in a configuration-interaction calculation. This problem does not occur when...

Dihydrogen cation

The dihydrogen cation or hydrogen molecular ion is a cation with formula H⁺ ₂. It consists of two hydrogen nuclei sharing a single electron. It is the simplest molecular ion. The ion can be formed from the ionization of a neutral hydrogen molecule H ₂. It is commonly formed in molecular clouds in space, by the action of cosmic rays. More at Wikipedia

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