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連写撮影:Hi 時:最高約10コマ/秒 シャッタースピード:1/8000〜30秒 液晶モニター:3型(インチ)、144万ドット ファインダー形式:電子ビューファインダー Quad-XGA OLED 幅x高さx.

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HI . Formula: HI . Molecular weight: 127.91186. Information on this page

Hi speed AF settings with Sony A7Riii - Maine Portrait, Pet, Sports...

Should I shoot [Hi ] speed or [Hi]? What are the advantages/disadvantages? What happens to the EVF/LCD display at the fastest (Hi ) settings? When does the camera drop from 14-bit raw capture to 12-bit? The Nikon mirrored world was simpler and I really didn't have all these concerns or caveats.

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