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PDF Code-aided channel tracking for OFDM

manipulations, we easily nd the following closed-form. solution for the M-step: hˆ[(kn ) 1] = WXH XWH −1 WXH R(n). (19). where X and XH X are again given by (16)-(17).

PDF Akk'''"

a sequence of real numbers such that k n 1 as n. kn .

(PDF) Computational Environments and Analysis methods available on...

19 December, 2014 @BenJKEvans . C/- Tim Pugh, BoM. D[KN . © National Computational. Infrastructure 2014. O[KN .

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So, I stand with my estimate of 180kN - 210kN max. thrust range for WS-15. It's likely to be higher than 210kN, because flying weight (26 tons) for this estimate, based the empty weight estimate of 22 tons and fuel of 4 tons, is still on the conservative side, IMO. Last edited: Mar 17, 2017.

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