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The Sinvertek Drive N5 Plus Thread | The Gear Page

I got an N5 for high-gain push into my Revival Drive Custom and it was just a bit too much. I found it difficult to get a usable sound without the N5 essentially blowing out the RDC's input. I think it would be a great choice running into a clean amp (even the effects loop possibly), but not pushing an already...


The pentazenium cation is a positively charged polynitrogen ion of the chemical formula N⁺ ₅. Together with dinitrogen, solid nitrogen polymers and the azide anion, it is one of only three polynitrogen species obtained in bulk quantities. More at Wikipedia

Polynitrogen Chemistry. Synthesis, Characterization, and Crystal...

The new N5 salt, N5 SbF6-, was prepared from N2F SbF6- and HN3 in anhydrous HF solution. The white solid is surprisingly stable, decomposing only at 70 °C, and is relatively insensitive to impact. Its vibrational spectrum exhibits all nine fundamentals with frequencies that are in excellent agreement...

Sinvertek Drive N5 [Super modern overdrive] - YouTube

Sinvertek Drive N5 Plus vs Original Sinvertek Drive No. 5.

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