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ISATM OR Multigas Monitoring Supporting Anesthetic Agent and Ventilation Management. The ISA OR sidestream multigas analyzer with the Masimo Root® patient monitoring and connectivity platform provides the following features and benefits

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Compensations: Pressure, temperature and broadening effects on CO2 Calibration: No span calibration required. An automatic zero reference calibration is performed once every startup and then once every 24 hours for ISA CO2 and every 8 hours for ISA AX /OR .

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OR 専用 充填用空PODでお好みのリキッドをお楽しみいただけます。 「OR」でもリクエストの多かった「OR 」専用の充填用空PODをリリースしました。 これでお好みのリキッドをお楽しみいただけます。


OR . Extreme oil resistant compound. Engineered for performance in most industrial environments.

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