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PDF Exercise 9.1 Page No: 140

=18 10 -3p 8p -11q - 7q 5 pq 3pq- 2pq^2 - 5pq^2 5 p^2 q - 4p^2 q = 28 5p - 18q 8pq - 7pq2 p2q. and Identities NCERT Solution For Class 8 Maths Chapter 9 Algebraic Expressions Exercise 9.2 Page No: 143 1. Find the product of the following pairs of monomials. (i) 4, 7p (ii) - 4p, 7p ...

Let p and q be prime numbers with q=p 2 and p greater than ...

Answer (1 of 8): OK, let's start… I didn't write math proof for long time so it might not be the most elegant answer but should give you some hints ;-) First, by definition, pq 1 = p(p 2) 1 = p^2 2p 1 = (p 1)^2 So pq 1 divisible by 36 means (p 1)^2 divisible by 36=2^2*3^3 This means that we h...

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