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PDF Security Constrained Economic Dispatch Calculation

Step 4: Identify maximum and minimum γk (denoted qj and qj-) from the computations made in Step 3, and then compute the change. When considering constraints on water volume, we need to check whether a new value of qj or qj- is in violation. If so, then the water flow rate should be set to its limit.

«Грац Ю.В., Дмитриев В.В., Михайлов А.С. Гравитационное...»

±^±^2G5k^2e^i-Qj ^G5k^2e^i2Q^ 4e^SJ-^-.(66).

ACR $50k GTD Review with Ali Imsirovic (Part 4) - YouTube

If I give him a very liberal reshove range of something like A2s , 44 , A5 , KT , K9s , Q9s , QJ in propokertools (not sure why but it's not letting me repeat like QTs ) ... I get EV of $-1,148 assuming he's putting in that last 2331$.

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if qj − qj ≤ qi, otherwise.

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