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PDF Oligop

Note: if y = bQ.qi & Q = qi qj …. qn (so dQ/dqi=1) dy/dqi= bQ.1 bqi.dQ/dqi.

PDF Entropy_stability_Tadmor_Acta03.dvi

viscosity. amplitudes, qj .

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PDF DR Loss: Improving Object Detection by Distributional Ranking

qj pj ; qj (−pj ). where o , o− denote the original distributions for positive and negative examples, respectively. Ω(·) is a regularizer for the diversity of the distribution to prevent the distribu-.

PDF Constructing measures for path integrals

~ = exp { [qj I ( - qj sin aE Pj cos aE) - Pj 1 (qj cos aE Pj sin aE)]. problem is then to choose A,J. and g in such a way that the. traces. Tr[p(A )W(Pj I,qj I )te - iHII)£W(pj,qj)ei8iA.t)£]. still have the right form to generate a genuine measure in the limit n- oo

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