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PDF Скачать Гост Iec 60034-2-1-2017 Машины Электрические...

(106). для генератора: Ut = UQ .

The alternating central extension for the positive part of Uq(sl2)

The algebra Uq has a presen-. tation with two generators A, B that satisfy the cubic q-Serre relations. ternating elements to obtain a central extension Uq of Uq . We dene Uq by generators and relations. These generators, said to be alternating, are in bijection with the alternating elements of...

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PDF Categorication of quantum groups

Uq has the structure of a bialgebra: try to categorify the bialgebra Uq . The plan: dene a new algebra R. R − mod −. ∼= Uq (g). Aaron Lauda Joint with Mikhail Khovanov (CoCluamtebgioarUinciavteiorsnitoyf) quantum groups.

Gröbner-Shirshov basis and minimal projective resolution of Uq (An)

In this paper, by using Anick's resolution and Gröbner-Shirshov basis for quantum group of type An, we compute the first three steps of a minimal projective resolution of the trivial module of Uq (An) and as an application we compute the global dimension of Uq (An).

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