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10 Ways Robotics Could Transform Our Future

In this week's news mix: Universal Robots launches UR Application Kits, Kassow begins new cobot production and...

UR | Faster automation with application kits and components

UR Certified. Simplified Application Kits. Plug-and-Produce Products. Faster Deployment and ROI. Easier than ever with ur . By combining the UR platform with the talent of the industry's largest ecosystem, UR provides users access to a collection of peripherals and application kits designed for...

Universal Robots - YouTube

Flexx Connect a UR Solution.

With UR Application Kits, Universal... - Robotics Business Review

See the article "UR Application Kits Look to Simplify Cobot Deployments" article in Collaborative Robotics Trends for more details. 'Extension' in the previous sentence is, perhaps, the wrong word for the addition of the new application kits to the UR ecosystem.

End of Arm Robotics Equipment - MHM Series UR

From Startups to experienced integrators, SMC has the global support to equip your UR e-series cobots with a solution complete with URCap plugin to reduce design and programming. SMC has three UR Certified products to choose from to fit your application: MHM Magnetic Gripper, JMHZ2 Air Gripper...

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