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Ванадий. V2 2e- → V.

Тест-пар ALLIANCE v2 RDA - ОБЗОР дрипули - YouTube

Введите запрос. RU. Тест-пар ALLIANCE v2 RDA - ОБЗОР дрипули. Смотреть позже. Поделиться.

Standard electrode potential (data page) - Wikipedia

For example, the equation Fe2 2 e− ⇌ Fe(s) (-0.44 V) means that it requires 2 × 0.44 eV = 0.88 eV of energy to be absorbed (hence the minus sign) in order to create one neutral atom of Fe(s) from one Fe2 ion and two electrons, or 0.44 eV per electron, which is 0.44.

What is the correct electron configuration for V^2 ?

In shorthand, the electron configuration for V is [Ar]4s23d3 . However, when electrons are removed - I know it's weird - the s-electrons come off first. So V2 would be [Ar]3d3 . Maybe it's to do with the shielding effects of the inner 3d, making it easier to remove the outer 4s.....


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