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Vq − Vq−. . (4.8). Since case study at hand are three-wire systems, only two out of three three-phase. voltages/currents can be independently dened That is in accordance with four independent variables Vd , Vq , Vd− and Vq− from dq frames. Therefore, direct and quadrature values of phase A and B are.

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vq vd . vq . Щ Щч. One of the main objectives in control of active rectifiers is to provide a constant DC output voltage.

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In other words, Vq− lies in a small neighborhood of a weak stable leaf and Vq lies in a small neighborhood of a weak unstable leaf, with the sizes of the neighborhoods given by the reciprocals of Jq−, Jq . Assume rst that Vq ...qn ∩ Vq˜ ...q˜n = ∅. Arguing similarly to part 1 of this lemma we get.

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vd . vq . vq .(18). It is clear that this method can achieve real and reactive power. control at the expense of leaving all oscillatory terms, Pc,Ps,Qc.


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