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Yb is one of the attractive ion species for use in opti-cal frequency standards and quantum information processing. Photoionization loading of Yb ions has been already used in several studies.

ionicsolutions/ytterbium: Simulation of optical transitions in 171Yb and...

ytterbium is a Python package built on QuTiP to simulate optical transitions in 171Yb and 174Yb ions by solving Lindblad form master equations. In addition to various models of commonly encountered...

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Yb Rb → Yb Rb • Yb Rb → (YbRb) • (Yb )* Rb → Yb Rb. Charge Exchange Molecular association Collisional quenching. Problems: 1. New ion invisible to spectroscopy 2...


After successful connection, the Coulomb interaction between 171Yb and 138Ba atoms can be Collisions due to ux from the barium source when the 171Yb ions are in the excited state has been...

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