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Strongly enhanced effects of Lorentz symmetry... | Nature Physics

Yb ions are also used in quantum information research21. As a result, the Yb ion is a well-studied Figure 2: Relevant energy levels of Yb . The hyperfine splitting is shown for the 4f136s2 2F7/2 state...

PM - Yb - QUBIG GmbH

PREDEFINED RF / μ-WAVE DRIVER Matched EOM series: PM - Yb Center frequencies fc: {2.1, ... 14.7} GHz RF output (-3dB) @ fc: 2W (33dBm) Applications: Laser cooling & trapping.

Laser cooling of 171Yb ions in a frequency-modulated field...

keywords = "171Yb ion, Frequency-modulated field, Laser cooling, Radio-frequency trap, frequency-modulated field, laser cooling, STATE, radio-frequency trap, CLOCKS, Yb-171( ) ion...

Development and characterization of a 171Yb miniature ion trap...

Phase II. 171Yb Trapped Ion Clock. Package Volume: 10 cm3. The high scattered light background made it impossible to observe the 171Yb signal at 369 nm and could only observe it by observing...

Physics - Hints of Dark Bosons

Yb . Published September 15, 2020. Evidence for Nonlinear Isotope Shift in. Yb .

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