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CN102510287B - 一种工业实时数据的快速压缩方法 - Google Patents

CN102510287B CN201110343878.1A CN201110343878A CN102510287B CN 102510287 B CN102510287 B CN 102510287B CN 201110343878 A CN201110343878 A CN 201110343878A CN 102510287 B CN102510287 B CN 102510287B Authority CN China Prior art keywords data point compression low window Prior art date 2011-11-03 Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion.

Calculus III - Curl and Divergence

The first form uses the curl of the vector field and is, ∮C →F ⋅ d→r =∬ D (curl →F) ⋅→k dA ∮ C F → ⋅ d r → = ∬ D ( curl F →) ⋅ k → d A. where →k k → is the standard unit vector in the positive z z direction. The second form uses the divergence. In this case we also need the outward unit normal to the curve C C.

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PDF Math 104 - Worked Examples Lecture 2, Summer 2010

n yj jx n xjjyj < jxj 2jyj 2 jxj 2jyj 2jyj jyj = 2 2 = : We conclude that (x ny n) converges to xyas claimed. Claim. For any natural number n 2, the function f: R !R de ned by f(x) = xnis continuous. (This is a rephrasing of problem 1.14 in Pugh.) Thoughts. We will use the - de nition of continuity to show that fis continuous at any y2R ...

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