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PDF who.int/medicines/publications/druginformation/issues/WHO_DI_31...

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Searching for the $X(3872)$ and $Z_c^ (3900)$ on HISQ Lattices...

Zc (3900)(1 −)Z_c^ (3900)(1^{ -}). Zc (3900)(1 −). The study is performed on gauge field configurations with 2 1 1 flavors of highly improved staggered sea quarks (HISQ) with clover (Fermilab interpretation) charm quarks and HISQ light valence quarks.

PDF office.xerox.com/latest/K66BR-01E.pdf

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PDF QCD Compositeness as Revealed in Exclusive Vector Boson Reactions

III Annihilation e e- Zc - and e e- Zc Zc-. IV Applications to Standard Model Processes. V Conclusions. and gives a prediction for the production of single and double tetraquarks. In particular, the scaling of the form factor corresponding to γ∗ → Zc π− is.

проблема какая-то | Игровой форум YouGame.Biz

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