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jx zj jz yj 2 p jx zj p jz yj = (p jx zj p jz yj)2 = h [d(x;z) d(z;y) i 2: Taking square root on both sides yields the triangle inequality. 4. Find all metrics on a set Xconsisting of two points. Consisting of one point only. Solution: If X has only two points, then the triangle inequality property is a

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6.Find the work done by the force field F = x2yi zj (2x y)k on a particle as the particle moves along a straight line from (1;1;1) to (2; 3;3). Answer: 10 3 7.Determine whether the given vector field F is conservative and, if so, find a scalar potential. (a) F = z2 i 2yj xzk Answer: Not conservative. r F = zj. (b) F = exsinyi excosyj (3z2 2)k

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(h zj ihzji): j xiin the S z and S y bases, we seek a relation between the column representations h zj xi h zj xi = 1 p 2 1 1 z and h yj xi h yj xi = ?? x: We rst consider the amplitude h yj xi:Inserting the S z-basis identity operator (1), we obtain h yj xi = h yjIj xi = h yj(j zih zj j zih zj)j xi = h yj zih zj xi h yj zih zj xi: (2 ...

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Used 25.5 Lange ZJ . Have a pair of ZJ Langes 25.5 ; 293mm. Beers? Beers shipping? IMA HTML5.

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ZJ = 110 flex. As you drive and flex into your boots, DUAL CORE actively compresses and expands - harnessing potential energy to deliver explosive power, snap, and rebound. Imagine World Cup precision and response, easy entry-and-exit, and a new level of ski boot performance as reactive and dynamic as your own body.

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