Pick Axe Head 7lb

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HUGE Ax Restoration - 8 lb Antique Hewing Axe Head - YouTube

I found this antique hewing axe head and decided to restore and mount it on a brand new African mahogany handle. Forging a Battle Axe from a pick axe.

Pick Axe Head 7Lb Chisel And Point

Pick Axe Head 7Lb Chisel And Point Ref 5000BT.

7lb Pick Axe Head (only)

Pick Axe Head 7lb - Chisel and Point (Shaft Sold Separately).

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pick axe Steel pickaxe head P402 Weight:4.5LB,5LB,5.5LB,6LB,7LB Material:Railway steel Mn65(or Forged steel C45# ) Eye shape:Pick with oval or round eye Technology:Roll Forged and polished Handle:Wooden handle,Fiberglass handle,Plastic coating handle,Self-locking handle.


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