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Difference between PNP and NPN Transistors

The PNP transistor is a type of bipolar transistor used for amplification and switching purpose and for the designing of the complementary output stage in combination with NPN transistor.

PNP vs NPN Transistor | Electrical4U

[latexpage] What is a PNP Transistor A PNP transistor is a bipolar junction transistor constructed by sandwiching an N-type semiconductor between two P-type semiconductors.

What is the difference between the transistors NPN and PNP... - Quora

Both PNP and NPN transistors are composed of different materials and current flow of these transistors is also dissimilar. In an NPN transistor, the current flows from the collector (C) to the...

What is a Transistor? PNP Transistor and NPN Transistor, BJT

NPN Type Transistor: Structure of PNP and NPN Transistors Now, each transistor whether if it is a PNP type or NPN type Semi conductor has three regions namely Emitter, Base, and Collector.

Working of Transistor as a Switch - NPN and PNP Transistors

Both NPN and PNP transistors can be used as switches. Here is more information about different examples for working transistor as a switch.

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