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The NPN and PNP transistor are differentiated below in the comparison chart by considering the various other factors. The NPN and PNP both are the bipolar junction transistor. It is the current controlling devices and mainly used for switching and amplifying the signal.

Difference Between an NPN and a PNP Transistor

Both NPN and PNP are bipolar junction transistors (BJTs). BJTs are current-controlled transistors that allow for current amplification. A current at the base of the transistor allows for a much larger current across the emitter and collector leads.

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An NPN transistor comprises two semiconductor junctions that share a thin p-doped region, and a PNP transistor comprises two semiconductor junctions that NPN BJT with forward-biased B-E junction and reverse-biased B-C junction. Charge flow in a BJT is due to diffusion of charge carriers across a...

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PNP type transistors are driven by a negative current biased at the base to control the flow from Emitter to Collector. Tables 1 and 2 below show some popular transistors and key specifications including their voltage and current limits. Transistors, NPN and PNP, Leaded and Surface Mount.

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- Transistores NPN y PNP. - Polarización de un Transistor. - Construcción de Detectores con el Transistor. - Diferencia entre Transistor el PNP y el NPN. - Fórmulas del Transistor.

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